Demon Love Spell 4

July 21, 2015

Mayu Shinjo – Viz – 2013 – 6 volumes

This has turned into a “when will they have sex”-type thing.  There’s not much else here.  Miko wants it.  Kagura wants it.  He does not want to disrespect Miko in getting it.  Eventually, Miko decides she wants to hold out until after she’s married… though judging by these chapters, she may change her mind at any time.

There’s less of the cute Natsume’s Book of Friends-style demon help stories here, though there’s still one.  Miko finds a baby in a peach at a hot springs, and she and Kagura get to raise it.  This chapter was… insane.  Legit insane.  Way more comedic than the others.  I loved it.  There were some choice lines.

Another major storyline in this volume was about Kagura’s father coming to the human realm to berate him for not having sex with Miko, then Kagura taking Miko to the demon realm to meet his brothers.  This was some over-the-top romance… for some reason, I wasn’t feeling it when I read it, but this is the romance in this series turned up to 11.  Kagura also has a number of handsome brothers, which impresses Miko.

And finally, with both Kagura and Miko ready for marriage, Miko’s father says no, and Kagura defends himself.  A spell backfires, and Miko switches bodies with her father.  This was another romantic chapter, as the characters had to deal with the fact incubus Kagura needed more power for his spell, and could only get it from sex with a woman, which Miko was not (although he still could have entered her dreams… this didn’t make much sense).  Both are resigned, neither one likes the situation, et cetera.

The humor in this volume was pretty extreme.  Again, there were some choice lines in many of the chapters, but Mayu Shinjo cracks me up in general.  The bonus chapter at the end of the book was “A Day in the Life of Kagura”, where it went through a fairly mundane routine, but spiced things up a bit.  “Kagura wakes up and stretches… sexily.  He gets dressed… sexily.  He goes to school and says hello to the girls… sexily.”

I know it’s the guiltiest of guilty pleasures, and you have to be a special kind of shoujo fan to get into it.  But dammit, that shoujo fan is me, and I love it.

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