Gravitation 7

July 21, 2015

Maki Murakami – Tokyopop – 2004 – 12 volumes

I did read this one before, because I recall… rather vividly a page near the end where Eiri lets Shuichi come up with disguises for the pair of them.  Hiro and K react to them.  It’s almost wordless, and so ridiculous, and so sublimely beautiful.  I still laughed really hard at that.  It’s difficult to describe out of context, though.

Actually, Shuichi comes up with a choice disguise earlier in the volume, too.  There’s a reaction meter for Eiri that is not to be missed.

This volume chugs along with few surprises.  Hiro wants to quit Bad Luck, everyone tells Shuichi to get over it, but Shuichi never believes that Hiro would quit on him, and they have a big dramatic getting-back-together moment where Hiro catches Shuichi’s “gotta sell a million” fever.  They’re both getting dates, you see.

Meanwhile, Eiri is very ill.  So ill, in fact, he’s going to move and break up with Shuichi.  This is dropped towards the end of the volume, but I’m pretty sure if Eiri doesn’t do the break-up himself, creepy Tohma will force them apart.  And we’ve seen what he’s capable of.

I guess I know why I stopped here.  I don’t really want to see the two of them broken up.  So sad!  And this is too funny a series for that.  But I’m sure patience will be rewarded.

One Response to “Gravitation 7”

  1. badzmaru Says:

    “But I’m sure patience will be rewarded.”
    I don’t remember much about the series but I had finished all 12 books in a couple of days. So you’re right about this :)

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