Love Pistols 7

July 21, 2015

Tarako Kotobuki – SuBLime – 2013 – 8+ volumes

This is the first time the whole volume was dedicated to one couple.  Shinobu and Vulnera.  Not even Kunimasa and Norio have had the honor, and they’re the main characters.  In the middle of a life-changing decision!

Most of this is about Vulnera’s nature as a Mer.  This was… hm.  He’s locked in a mansion behind some barriers.  It’s not clear to me… he might actually be a building (at one point, Shinobu stabs a door with a sword and there’s a silhouette flinching back), or he might be the whole property?  He also manifests a building at one point to demonstrate all the knowledge contained within his being, and how difficult it would be to stuff that into a human body.  So I don’t know how that works.

Similarly, he can’t pass outside the barriers, but he can… see anywhere there’s water?  At one point, he’s spying on Shinobu in a hotel room.  This hotel is probably not on the grounds of his estate, and definitely outside his barrier.  But that’s not really explained?  Similarly, he says he can spy wherever there’s water, and Canario tells Shinobu to close his eyes so Vulnera can’t see (presumably because we’re 80% water, though that isn’t explained either), but Vulnera sees anyway.  He… doesn’t see through, like, a full coffee cup or something, he’s hovering in the room.

So I don’t know what’s up with Vulnera.

He’s creepy creepy creepy, though.  He falls in love with Shinobu at first sight, but super-awkwardly straddles the line between controlling and dependent.  He wants Shinobu to be his teacher, but also seems to contain more knowledge than Shinobu has.  He doesn’t fall for Shinobu’s intimidation strategies.  But he does love him.

I read this volume twice.  The first time through, the love read as selfish, and I thought Vulnera was just using Shinobu as a new toy.  The second time, it seemed sincere.  Vulnera gets very protective at the end, and it’s implied he’s very protective in the present, despite the pair not speaking for some time.  Mysteriously, when Shinobu’s family decides he can’t be Vulnera’s teacher anymore… the two suddenly… uh… fight.  Brutally.  Vulnera seems to accept this?  I hope this gets explained better, we’re only shown this confrontation for a page or two.

Presumably, we’ll learn more about that when we learn about the Madarame family.  But man.  That means that this series will probably be 3 more volumes, minimum.  There’s a lot of stuff going on.

I… still kind of liked this volume, but it was confusing, and there wasn’t a whole lot of romance.  And there was no Norio/Kunimasa.  But I guess this had to happen?  I’ll be patient and wait for the parts I want.

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