No. 6 2

July 21, 2015

Atsuko Asano / Hinoki Kino – Kodansha USA – 2013 – 9 volumes

Still good!  Shion has to deal with the after-effects of a serious and sudden illness he contracted, the same one that killed the people in the park.  But Rat saved him, and gets mean when Shion expresses his surprise at the change in his appearance (this isn’t really a spoiler, he’s got white hair and his red scar for the rest of the series).

Shion gets a tour of the West Block and a crash course in their way of life.  Don’t answer the door, because someone with a gun could just be knocking low and pretending to be a child.  Don’t bump into people when you’re walking around.  Don’t prevent angry shopkeepers from gunning down innocent old ladies in the street.  Avoid aggressive sex workers.  Don’t shake hands.  If a guy tries to pick you up, kick him in the crotch.

Rat looks amused while Shion nearly gets shot in the head and stolen twice.  Again, both their attitudes rub on me a little.  Rat is constantly telling Shion to “get used to it,” “don’t be so naive,” “that’ll get you killed,” et cetera for regular everyday things.  And Shion just can’t keep his mouth shut or stop acting surprised by everything.  But again, their dynamic is what makes this series enjoyable.  Their banter is a little more “friendly” here than it is in either the anime or novels, or maybe I misremember.

The spy stuff is starting, with Dogkeeper and the dog hotel and Rikiga and his deal.  And we start getting a peek at just what’s going on inside No. 6.

Again, it’s a fairly simple and straightforward story, but it’s just charming and interesting enough to keep me reading.  Your mileage may vary, but I’m quite fond of this one.

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