Blade of the Immortal 30

July 29, 2015

Hiroaki Samura – Dark Horse – 2014 – 31 volumes

Ah, yes.  This is about what I expected, except for the fact that Manji’s fight took up most of the volume, rather than Anotsu v. Kagimura.

And Manji is fighting a monster, of course.  It’s what he does.  His opponents always have to be unbeatable, so that he can just keep throwing his mangled body at them over and over again.  In this case, he’s fighting a huge colossus that’s wearing impenetrable armor.  He’s got no points for Manji to strike him to break his guards, and a shower of darts from Rin targeting his head were thrown off by his… uh, dreadlocks, I guess.

Manji gets closer to death than we’ve ever seen him.  At one point, he’s so dead that a feint works, and that’s the only way they win the fight.  But man.  It was long, it was brutal, and it was awesome.  Just as you’d expect from Blade of the Immortal.

Anotsu v. Kagimura is mostly fast, and we don’t see very much of it.  They’re evenly matched, and evenly monstrous.  That’s saying something, because Kagimura only has one eye.  I always wonder how that would affect a fight (Manji has only one as well), something tells me it’s more of a handicap than Blade of the Immortal suggests.

Makie’s battle takes up a good part of the volume too, and she fends off no less than 3-5 men during her fight.  She’s just as monstrous as Kagimura, Manji, or Anotsu, but she’s a whole lot more stylish and a lot more frightening.  Again, she’s probably the scariest one in the series.  I also suspect tuberculosis is more of a handicap in a fight than Makie makes it seem.

Next, it looks like Makie is fighting… Hyakurin’s man, for some reason.  A shame, as I quite liked him.  Next is also the end, which suggests a Manji/Anotsu fight, or perhaps a Rin/Anotsu fight, but neither Rin nor Anotsu are much in shape for it right now.

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