Demon Love Spell 5

July 29, 2015

Mayu Shinjo – Viz – 2013 – 6 volumes

You know, I love this series, but it’s definitely an affinity in terms of cheap thrills rather than… compelling story.  Demon Love Spell is mostly a series of one-shot stories where Kagura and Miko want to have sex, but can’t for various reasons.  And that’s about it.

This volume has two stories.  In the first, Miko tells her parents that she and Kagura are moving out of the house and into their own place together.  They agree eerily fast, but later we find out it’s because Miko’s father has laid a curse on Kagura so that he is unable to have sex.  They have trouble finding a place (partly because Kagura refuses to lie on the application, and lists his real 10,000-year age), but later find a cheap haunted place.  Miko has her first real solo success as a priestess when she helps out a cursed Zashiki-Warashi, and the two realize they can make a living by exorcising haunted buildings.

… except it’s not that easy, and nobody wants to use their skills.  Miko winds up working and going to school in order to pay for their rent/etc, and has no time to charge Kagura’s batteries.  She also starts to get hit on by coworkers, and the jealousy nearly kills Kagura.  He realizes that he can get the two of them money by exploiting his good looks, and begins to model.  Which means he’s getting his energy from admiring female masses, and Miko doesn’t like that.  They fight, they fight a succubus, they make up, it’s adorable.

Both these stories were more realistic than some of the previous ones, but I liked the demon-centric chapters in previous stories better.  Miko and Kagura don’t really receive a lot of character development anymore… and admittedly, these stories all basically have the same punchline (Kagura and Miko want to have sex, but can’t).  They’re sweet, and I still love reading them, but… eh.

I’m wondering if the last volume will give them a happily ever after, or if Miko and Kagura are doomed to be a running joke.  We’ll see!  I like nice short series like this, too.

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