Dengeki Daisy 12

July 29, 2015

Kyousuke Motomi – Viz – 2013 – 16 volumes

I’m still rather torn on the direction for the last part of this series.  As I said, I was a huge, raving fan of the romance from the early volumes.  But I feel like that’s taken a backseat to industrial espionage.

Some of it is still cool, though.  The gang executes a rather complicated plan to rescue Rena off a cruise ship.  It’s a good plan, with a couple good twists (although the “final” twist is pretty clear once Teru gets him talking).  Lots of fun stuff going on, and it was a bit unpredictable.  A good section of story.

I thought we’d get a break from the technology stuff to get at least one Teru/Kurosaki chapter.  There’s a little bit, but it’s tied into Kurosaki being scared senseless by someone he runs into on the cruise ship.  Turns out everyone is scared of this man, and the second half of the volume mostly sets up the next story arc.  More computer stuff, more undercover villains, more decoding…

It’s just not the Dengeki Daisy I fell in love with.  All the same, with only four more volumes after this, I’m obviously going to read to the end.  This story arc sounds like the final one of the series, but I’m going to be sad if it lasts all four volumes.  I’m hoping there’s plenty of decent character stuff in there with it.  And, of course, I have to have my happy ending.

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