Love Pistols 8

July 29, 2015

Tarako Kotobuki – SuBLime – 2014 – 8+ volumes

ARGH.  I’ve been begging for more Norio/Kunimasa for volumes now, and now that I got it… I don’t want it.  I can’t believe that happened.  It’s a not-uncommon plot twist, but I wish Love Pistols hadn’t gone there.  I can’t spoil it, but I would like to see this resolved ASAP.  Here’s hoping we see movement in this story next time, rather than another split side story with minor characters.

The main story is largely told through interaction with most of the main side characters.  But paramount are Shinobu and Vulnera, whose story gets a little bit of a continuation here.  Vulnera’s powers are still maddeningly vague, but this volume makes him seem mostly not predatory (though there’s still a bit of niggling doubt for me).  It’s Vulnera that finds Norio after what is apparently a rather powerful breakdown, and Shinobu that takes care of him and hangs out with Vulnera for… maybe a minute?  Then we are told the end of their story from the past, although it’s not clear whether Vulnera was actually having sex with Shinobu in spectral form after both of them were hurt, or if Shinobu was imagining it.  It’s strongly implied to be the former, though you don’t learn that until after the scene is over.  Again, this is annoying.  I… like the two of them better.  I hope Vulnera is a good guy.

I was quite tickled by the side story in this volume, despite my stated lack of interest in them.  It’s about how Karen and Makio met, and it is ADORABLE.  Makio is a terrible person, but I loved that they bonded immediately, and that Karen is the right kind of stubborn for her.  It’s told amid a Christmas story, with most of the other characters.  There’s some heavy Shiro/Yonekuni action too, which is nice… but again, I could do with less characters.

Then again, if the volumes come out regularly, I’d be okay with a slow pace.  Here’s hoping we’ll see 9 this year.

2 Responses to “Love Pistols 8”

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  2. Hale Says:

    Would you do review for vol 9? I’ve been wanting to really buy vol 7-9. I still want to wait for the printed version though.

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