No. 6 3

July 29, 2015

Atsuko Asano / Hinoki Kino – Kodansha USA – 2013 – 9 volumes

There’s a cute story at the end of this volume about when Shion was sick.  This manga’s a bit more BL-flavored than I remember the anime or novels being, but it’s still pretty subtle.  Most of the time.

Complications with Shion’s friend Safu begin in No. 6.  Meanwhile, Rat continues to insist that Shion needs to know nothing about him, that Shion is naive, Shion is too good-hearted, blah blah blah.  Shion also gets a job washing Dogcatcher’s dogs, and we find out Dogcatcher’s weakness is that he is afraid of death and that he has connections into the No. 6 prison system.

Rat decides to keep Safu’s struggles to himself, but does the necessary research for helping her while keeping it from Shion.  Shion finds out anyway.  Next volume should be some planning, and maybe even an unpleasant excursion.

Again, most of the charm is in Rat and Shion, and how the other characters view them separately and together.  It’s not at all romantic, thus why I keep insisting it’s not really a BL series, but the two are BFFs, at the very least, and they rely and depend on each other in a very sentimental way.  The plot of the series is also fairly interesting, and kept simple and easily communicated here.  I like this adaptation, it’s not moving too fast or leaving much out.

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