Junjo Romantica 2

August 1, 2015

Shungiku Nakamura – Blu – 2007 – 18+ volumes

Hmm… the “is this a reprint or old stock” plot thickens.  Both volume 1 and 2 had different ISBNs on the cover than inside.  When I ran the cover ISBN for volume 2 through Google, the only hits were for Right Stuf (where I bought it) and ubspress.com.  I’m having a hard time finding info on this company (because of the Union Bank of Switzerland), but it appears to be some sort of library sourcing company based in Singapore.  I can’t tell if they actually do the printing or not.

On one hand, I’m thrilled I was still able to buy this series.  On the other, I’m bummed if this means someone still has the rights, but can’t make new volumes of it.

Anyway.  There’s a little bit of the Usami/Misaki story at the beginning.  Misaki gets shy and unsure about their relationship, especially after meeting Usami’s beautiful editor, who also has the keys to his place.  I’m still trying to figure out if I like it or not, because it still doesn’t seem that romantic to me.

I did grow to like the couple in Junjo Egoist a lot more, though.  It’s set several years in the future.  Nowaki leaves for a year without a word, and comes back.  Kamijo hates him, but can’t bring himself to leave the apartment they share, in case Nowaki comes back.  He does, and then leaves without a word again the next morning.  After years of emotional ups and downs, Kamijo decides he is just too hurt by this, and breaks up with Nowaki.  It’s some pretty soapy stuff.  Ultimately, the story doesn’t make much sense (it errs on the side of romance, but the resolution that blames everything on Kamijo seemed a little mean-spirited), but man, there’s some awesome stuff in there.  And I still don’t know if I like either character, but I certainly do love their stories.  So far, anyway.

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