Alice in the Country of Clover: Cheshire Cat Waltz 6

August 23, 2015

QuinRose / Mamenosuke Fujimaru – Seven Seas Entertainment – 2013 – 7 volumes

The volume is still halved between the Clover story and the Hearts story, and it looks like both will continue into volume 7 with basically the same plots.  Boris and Alice are an item (though actually a couple in Clover), and we are basically waiting on the climax of a huge Blood subterfuge to shake out, one where he used Alice as bait to lure out his enemies.  Like I said, I just read this in the Knight’s Knowledge spin-off, and I’m a little sad that this appears to be two stories with the same plot running in the same series, finishing the same way in the same volume.  This is probably a sign I need to take a step back from these spin-offs.

Then again, I’ve only got a few left, so I might as well finish the job.

Both stories basically run along the lines I describe.  The major conflict in the Clover story is that Alice gets out of the Hatter mansion, and Boris is suspicious when nobody objects.  Later, Alice tries to clear her thoughts by going to the forest of doors, and Ace catches her there and basically says two lost folks should just get lost together (actually, he uses a line that Kubo uses in the last volume of Wild Adapter, so that’s a little creepy).  Alice says she loves Boris and isn’t lost, and Boris shows up to save her.  Meanwhile, Blood is obviously doing something clever.

In Hearts, Boris and Alice are fighting.  Alice thinks Boris plays around with girls, and Boris thinks Alice is trying to hook up with Julius (largely due to Ace telling him this).  They make up at the Heart Castle Ball.  Meanwhile, Blood is obviously doing something clever.

I liked this a lot better before the ending got stretched over three volumes.  Here’s hoping next volume has a lot of cute Alice/Boris stuff, because I really don’t care about what Blood’s doing in this story.

Speaking of that, I have yet to read a Blood story aside from the oddball Diamond one (which isn’t super-romantic like this one is), and the original 6-volume series.  Perhaps I should dive into Circus and Liar’s Game next.

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