Alice in the Country of Clover – Circus and Liar’s Game 2

August 23, 2015

QuinRose / Mamenosuke Fujimaru – Seven Seas Entertainment – 2013 – 7 volumes

Hmm.  The story is picking up here… actually, by quite a bit.  But this series has a maddening habit of letting a lot of stuff happen without explaining it.  It was one of the things I liked best about the original, but I’m finding it frustrating here… especially since there’s some elements of the Clover setting I still don’t understand.

So… so far the Joker setting seems to be about suppressing unpleasant memories, both in Wonderland and in her old life.  Joker seems to think this makes her a liar.  Nightmare… and Peter might have something to do with keeping the cap on her bad memories, since this seems to repel the Joker, although the Joker also implies this makes her a liar?  He also implied last volume that it was somehow disingenuous that she stayed behind because she didn’t feel worthy of her sister’s affection.  Not sure what that’s about.

The Joker also has a split form, the nastier side runs a prison.  It’s not clear what that prison is for, yet.  He’s trying to catch Alice in it.

It’s also not clear why all the residents of this setting seem so against Alice meeting Joker by herself.  He gave her something that unlocked her memories, and Peter saved her at the last minute.  Being around Peter seems to be good for Alice here… as he is “Sunday Afternoon.”  This is never adequately explained in Clover… it’s usually a bad thing.  Maybe because being around Peter makes her remember spending time with her sister, which strengthens her ties to her home world.  Here, it brings forth the good memories (and apparently keeps the bad at bay), so it’s a good thing.  I guess.

Because Peter and Joker are actively protecting Alice, and because Peter winds up being her personal escort with Joker, as of volume two it appears she is closest with Peter.  He’s so crazy, I’ve thus far only read a short story where Peter was the preferred companion.  None of the spinoffs have been Peter-centric so far.

Anyway, it’s intriguing, though I liked Cheshire Cat Waltz better.  There’s no solid romance here, which gives me something to root for while the plot is being all cryptic.  And what’s an Alice series without the romance?  But maybe that will pick up next volume.

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