Demon Love Spell 6

August 23, 2015

Mayu Shinjo – Viz – 2014 – 6 volumes

Pretty good last volume, as far as Demon Love Spell goes.  Since it didn’t have an overarching plot, there wasn’t a whole lot to wrap up.  This volume contains two stories, both are good versions of the types of things I like about this series.

In the first, Kagura and Miko have to save a cherry tree inhabited by a spirit that a developer wants cut down.  The developer hires the pair to banish the “demon” that prevents them from cutting down the tree, but a little girl implores them to save the nice old man she talks with.  Killing the spirit doesn’t sit right with Kagura (even though the spirit wants to die), and he sort-of bullies Miko into a solution that works for everyone.  The spirit has tearful reunions with all those he’s encountered over the years, there’s a nice festival, it’s very sweet.

The second story brings up more trust issues between Kagura and Miko.  Kagura just isn’t getting enough energy to stay alive, and he passes out after seeing Miko off to school one day.  Another priestess finds him, and says if she takes her priestess powers (she doesn’t want them), he will remove the seal that Miko’s father put on him.  He shows up unsealed and full of power, and… yeah.  You know where this is going.  The actual resolution is way more over-the-top and nonsensical than you would have thought, but the series ends just like you think it will.


So yeah, there are definitely way better series out there, and there’s even way better smut.  But Mayu Shinjo is good for scratching the shoujo itch, and if you’re into demons, priestesses, and guilty pleasures, give this a try.  It does pretty much everything you think it will.

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