Dengeki Daisy 13

August 23, 2015

Kyousuke Motomi – Viz – 2013 – 16 volumes

While this is more of the same from the past several volumes, there were two things that made this one better.

One was the number of not-quite-intimate scenes between Kurosaki and Teru.  They didn’t kiss, nor did they… really talk about their feelings or anything.  But they came close, and it was adorable.  Normally I’d be throwing the book across the room in frustration, but somehow, it fits the characters nicely.  Besides, if I was really such a huge opponent of relationship progress, I’d have set fire to my Skip Beat volumes long ago.

The second was the last two chapters, which was a really silly, nonsensical gauntlet put together by Teru’s brother Soichiro right before he died.  Admittedly, when I say nonsensical, I mean this challenge makes very little sense in the context of the story.  Why did Soichiro make this?  How did he know absolutely everything that would go on?  How did everyone else know how to respond?  Why would you do that if you were hiding a CD?

All the same, it was terribly entertaining, and it felt nice to enjoy a volume of this series so thoroughly once again.  Kurosaki’s “Teru Quiz Challenge” was the absolute best.

I also liked that in one of the asks, someone asked about Teru’s income.  One of the options they came up with was “Don’t think too hard about it.  Like why men dressed in black are riding a roller coaster before a business deal.”  Not only did I get that reference (Detective Conan) creepily fast, I had to do a double-take.  Why were they?!  Motomi says that’s explained (it probably was, and I just forgot), but it still made me laugh really hard.  Oddly, Conan’s title is pseudo-censored, but I’m not sure why.  Dengeki Daisy and Detective Conan are published by the same company, here and in Japan.

I hope there’s more cute stuff sprinkled throughout the last story arc.  The first half of this volume really was all doom and gloom, and I’m just not feeling this whole “M’s Last Testament” thing.  But again, Dengeki Daisy has always had power to charm, and I want to see the ending of the series.

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