Dorohedoro 10

August 23, 2015

Q Hayashida – Viz – 2013 – 19+ volumes

One of my favorites!  I lost this volume, which is how I got so far behind.  I was happy it turned up during a re-sort recently.  However, it’s been so long since I read it that I can’t recall what is merely mysterious and what has already been explained.  A re-read is in order, and it will be a pleasure.  Hayashida’s art is so detailed, I’m sure there’s a thousand things I missed the first time through.  Actually, she tells a pretty detailed story as well, so that doesn’t hurt either.

For instance, I’m almost positive full-grown Kasukabe is a novelty.  What I can’t remember is whether or not we know why he reversed-aged (maybe it had something to do with his wife?).  In Dorohedoro, this may not have been explained.  It also may never be explained.  It’s not important, and mysteries like that make it very charming.

I’m a bit confused about the main thread of the story, which is why I want to re-read it.  I know there have been some subtle hints dropped about Caiman and his connection to the Cross-Eyes gang, which are all completely lost on me now.  The end of the volume drops a huge bombshell, so maybe I can just pick it up from there, but something tells me I need to go back and re-read.  I think he’s heavily implied to be someone else, but I need to make sure it is who I think it is.

Elsewhere, En is still being a bad guy.  He comes to pick up Nikaido, and he and Caiman fight.  It was somehow less satisfying than I imagined, but it led to said bombshell above, so I can’t be too mad.

Ebisu!!!  I was a little sad at the beginning of the volume to see she’d gotten her memories back, and was abusing Fujita with her full faculties.  But then.  I’m not sure if that’s for real or not, but man.  It’s pretty cold-blooded if it is.

I still LOVE the artwork.  There are a thousand small things you’ll miss, if you don’t look hard enough at each panel.  My favorite here was the En heart tattoo on the bird-mask man’s bicep.  I’d just never seen it before.  And the sorcerer masks still get me every time.  I love looking at them.  Then there’s the heartbreaking detail in Ebisu’s scene towards the end of the volume.  There’s just so much here.

The Extra Evil in the back cracked me up, but then again it always does.  This one was about Chidaruma being a big ol’ eccentric asshole.  I loved it.

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