Junjo Romantica 3

August 23, 2015

Shungiku Nakamura – Blu – 2007 – 18+ volumes

This was mostly a Misaki/Usami volume, though there’s a pretty good chunk of Nowaki/Kamijo at the back, and those two are growing on me.  Mostly because Kamjio is so obstinate.  The first story with those two is about how he assumes Nowaki caught a cold because Kamijo made him play in the snow, and he guiltily bosses him around with food, medicine, etc… until Nowaki finally gets a word in edgewise to tell him he’s not sick.  Then Kamijo gets all embarrassed, and it’s cute.  That’s why those two are fun.  Their relationship was much more normal and far less weird in this volume.

The second “Egoist” chapter was a flashback to Kamjio and an old boyfriend, Shinoda.  Shinoda’s observant, and thinks the two could get along, but because Kamijo has a crush on Usagi, he wants nothing to do with him.  The story ends on a cliffhanger.  Gasp!

Meanwhile, Usami and Misaki continue to get along.  The first story is about how it doesn’t feel like the pair are dating to Misaki, and the second is about how Misaki’s brother is insisting he move in with his wife and their new baby, to get the “family” vibe that Misaki didn’t grow up with.  Of course Misaki wants to stay with Usami.  And of course they do.

I’m still struggling a bit with the romance between Usami and Misaki… they’re a very physical couple, and while Usami is not shy about saying his feelings and expressing himself… Misaki isn’t.  He acts shy, and constantly tells Usagi no… and while his private thoughts are definitely about Usami, the fact that he doesn’t express them, and Usagi isn’t very good at holding normal conversations… just means they kinda lack chemistry for me.

Ah well.  It has time to grow on me.

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