Yukarism 2

August 23, 2015

Chika Shiomi – Viz – 2015 – 4 volumes

Actually, I like this series quite a bit as of volume 2!  Shiomi is great at setting up a creepy, uncanny mood, even though what’s going on isn’t particularly spooky.  And I’m liking the limited cast of characters right now, too.

There was a non-recurring character in volume 1, who was replaced here by someone who is likely a permanent part of the triangle.  What’s interesting in this series is, because past lives are involved, this is a guy-guy-girl love triangle where the girl is a different person depending on the era.  It hasn’t done anything super-interesting with this yet (and actually may have side-stepped an interesting approach), but it’s still fun to see.

We get to see more of the past, and Yukari realizes that Mahoro may not be who he thought she was.  We are also introduced to a new character named Satomi, who’s likely to stick around to the end.  He’s Yukari’s new caretaker, and obviously a key figure in Yukari and Mahoro’s past life.  He and Mahoro rub each other the wrong way, and periodically lapse into other personalities that seem to want to fight each other to the death, while Yukari is passed out dreaming of Edo in the other room.  Nobody remembers anything when they wake up.

On one hand, it hinted at one identity for Mahoro last volume, but this volume hints strongly at a different one.  I’m not sure whether to trust that yet or not.  It would be interesting if it was somehow able to switch back and forth, or if Mahoro were somehow two people.

I also really like the outfits Yumurasaki wears, mostly in the chapter illustrations (she’s usually in a state of undress during the story this time around).  For not liking to draw period clothes, or knowing anything about them, Shiomi does a great job with Yumurasaki.

I like the short length of this series, too.  It should be finished up by the end of the year, which will be perfect for me.

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