Dengeki Daisy 14

August 30, 2015

Kyousuke Motomi – Viz – 2014 – 16 volumes

It finally happened. There’s a Teru’s birthday story.  They go on a date.  They are affectionate as two romantic leads in a shoujo manga should be. I’ve waited so long for this.  So long.  It feels even better because of the wait.  Which means that our heads will explode when Ren and Kyoko finally hook up and kiss in Skip Beat.

The plot takes an interesting turn here.  We find out that M’s last will mostly deals with Akira, and we learn a lot more about him.  Then the story shifts away from computer hacking, and becomes about thwarting a high-level hit put out on Akira.  Problem is, Akira is a despicable human being, and stopping this hit could be life-threatening.  Do you stick your neck out for this stranger, loved by your dead mentor (but, oddly, unknown to all of you), but basically a horrible person who’s been trying to kill you/mess you up for the past year or so?  Do you risk your life for him?

Sigh.  I’m not sure if I like this better or not.  It’s at least less technical, which I do like, but is still a bit too secret agent-y for my tastes. The moral question is an interesting one in a shoujo manga, though.  Part of me wonders how this will play out.  Will Akira be Teru and Kurosaki’s adopted son in the end?  I hope not.  I hate that little jerk.  Sympathetic backstory did not save him, in my eyes, although I do feel bad for him.

The Teru/Kurosaki relationship does strengthen here.  I also like the message it sends.  A strong message of caution when dating an older partner.  Most series will gloss over this, and make the older partner rather glamorous, whereas in reality that is pretty much never true, and it leads to creepy and illegal situations more than good ones.  Even after Teru and Kurosaki more or less become an “official couple,” they can’t really be together, and they have to be really careful about how they act in front of others.  And they do little more than hold hands, really.

Mmm… I don’t know about this last-minute Akira thing.  But so far, there’s been a little something for me in each of the last couple volumes, so I still think I’m really going to like the ending.  Here’s hoping!

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