Junjo Romantica 4

August 30, 2015

Shungiku Nakamura – Blu – 2007 – 18+ volumes

I dunno… on one hand, I’m ridiculously addicted.  On the other hand… I still don’t think there’s a whole lot of romance in here.

As weird as it is, I still think the Egoist story is my favorite.  In this volume, we get the second half of the story about Hiro’s past.  He pushes the older man away, and winds up going over to see Usami after Usami calls him on the day Misaki’s brother gets a girlfriend.  Hiro can’t come to terms with the fact Usami will never love him, and refuses to entertain the thought of dating someone else.  The older man is a little forceful for my taste (everyone in this series is, which is one of the reasons I’m still on the fence), but he gives somewhat good advice, and seems like a decent guy save for the forcefulness.  Which is… kinda rare in this series?  The story ends with Hiro thinking about what it is to be happy, and it’s sweet.

The second Egoist story is told from Nowaki’s perspective.  He’s not sure that Hiro’s all that into him.  Hiro’s just not that romantic, and doesn’t seem all that into the “couple” stuff that Nowaki fantasizes about (there’s a great page with Nowaki fantasizing a lot of couple-y stuff, and with a completely straight face, dismissing it all).  He loses it when he realizes there’s a handful of people that call Hiro by his first name, without an honorific, and the story concludes with Hiro doing his best to stammer out a mushy admission of how much he likes Nowaki.  ADORABLE.  Also, there’s sex.

The only thing was that I was a little lost as to when this was supposed to take place.  Nowaki still has his job at the flower shop, and talks about the two of them living together despite their difficulty connecting, so I thought it took place before he went to America… but then he goes from there to his internship at the hospital?  I guess I didn’t realize that medical interns could hold down a second job?

Anyway.  Even the Romantica story was kinda great this time around.  Misaki begins to wonder if he should read Usagi’s books, and winds up reading the BL.  In the full story, Usagi wins a prestigious literary award (for his real books), and when Misaki doesn’t know he won the award, and has no idea what book it even was, and has never read Usagi’s books… he realizes he doesn’t know anything about Usagi.  He tries to ask, which touches Usagi deeply, and actually did make for a really cute story.  And next time, I’m promised Usagi’s brother.  I’m excited about that.

Also next time is a new couple, though I’m not reeeeally looking forward to it.  I think the character we know was the rape-y teacher that Hiro works with, who I’m not a big fan of for obvious reasons.

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