Kamisama Kiss 11

August 30, 2015

Julietta Suzuki – Viz – 2012 – 21+ volumes

It’s been forever since I read this series!  That’s a shame, because it’s pretty good.  Very low-key, very upbeat episodic stories with lots of interesting one-shot characters.  The only thing I had trouble with after jumping in here was the terminology the series uses, but there are handy indexes in the front and back that cover most of that.

Let’s see… well, Tomoe and Nanami still aren’t together, which shocked and dismayed me, or would have, if I hadn’t been reading shoujo manga for the last 15 or so years.  I like their relationship a lot, although it’s also taking me a moment to get a bead on Tomoe.  He’s very cranky and doesn’t outwardly show affection to Nanami, in word or deed, but again, since this is a shoujo manga we can assume he really likes her.  Admittedly, even during the cutest scene in the volume, where he basically proposes to her, he doesn’t look all that lovey-dovey.  I guess that’s just who he is.

The plot is tapping back into a story from a volume or so ago, where Akura, formerly BFF evil buddies with Tomoe, is trapped in the body of a human and trying to resurrect his demon body.  He ventures into the deadly underworld where his body is kept, but not much comes of it.

The cutest, and longest, story in the volume is about Nanami running under a set of torii that make you review the past 12 years of your life.  Tomoe and Mizuki review it with her, and we see Nanami’s horribly sad childhood.  Even Tomoe is so depressed he needs to intervene.  It doesn’t really seem to make Nanami that sad, though.  This goes cute places, and I was super-thrilled it was in here.

There’s also a story at the end about how Nanami’s Kamisama powers may or may not be growing, and how she continues to make a nuisance of herself to Tomoe.  It’s a nice story though, and has a bit of a wake-up for both characters.  And everything in this volume leads up to New Year’s Eve, which recaps several characters I only vaguely remember, but who all seem to be having a good time.

But that’s really the point of this series.  Some light fun, where all the characters have a good time and there’s not a ton of drama.  I love reading it.  I’m surprised to see it’s still going, as 21 volumes seems long for something like this.  I plan on catching up to the English volumes, so I’ll see if it becomes more plot-centric shortly.

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