Dengeki Daisy 15

September 20, 2015

Kyousuke Motomi – Viz – 2014 – 16 volumes

Okay, that was a massive page turner.  The hacking makes a slight return, and I wish we could have finished the series without Teru getting kidnapped again, but all that aside, I tore through this.  There’s a bomb planted on an island, and they have to stop it.  Are Boss and Daisy bad enough dudes for that?

The volume technically ends on a terrible cliffhanger, but with the scene that happened right before that… and the fact this is a shoujo manga, I’m pretty sure we all know what happened.

I can’t give too many plot details without spoiling it.  I’m still not the biggest fan of action-oriented Dengeki Daisy, nor serious computer hacking Dengeki Daisy, but all the same, this is a pretty epic finale.  A lot like an action movie!

Akira figures largely in this ending, of course.  I wish he were more likable.  Everyone’s risking their lives to save him, and he basically flat-out tells them they’re being nosy, and their spirit of do-gooding is no better than the terrible people that exploited his skills throughout his entire life.  Teru kinda goes for it, then decides to stop him bodily from being a selfish jerk.  I think Motomi made him as empathetic as possible, but he’s just not that person.  I get it, but it makes reading this story arc harder.

Not a whole lot of Teru/Kurosaki in this volume, though Kurosaki is suitably… distressed when Teru is kidnapped, and there is a fantastic reunion scene when they meet back up on the island.  Also, Motomi also drew chapter illustrations from great moments in the series.  The one where they first meet at school in chapter one was my favorite.

One more volume!  Can’t wait!  I’m hoping for a happy ending, and maybe some epilogue short stories!  I want to see Teru and Kurosaki happy!  There just wasn’t enough of that in this series.

Also, I went on the Shojo Beat Facebook page today.  Aside from the Shojo Beat 10th Anniversary festivities (I’M SO OOOOOOLD, GOD DAMN IT THIS BLOG IS OLDER THAN SHOJO BEAT), there was a giveaway for the last volume of Dengeki Daisy that came out in March or April.  The question was about the crossword puzzle in this volume.  I loved the long string of one-word answers in the comments.  “bald – bald – bald – bald – bald – bald…”

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