Junjo Romantica 5

September 20, 2015

Shungiku Nakamura – Blu – 2008 – 18+ volumes

Man, I just can’t seem to get off the fence with this series.  On one hand, I am growing to like the main Junjo Romantica couple more.  I… don’t even know that I like the characters more (?) but I do like reading the story.  And I do like the Egoist couple.

But I really did not like the Terrorist couple, whose introduction takes up most of this volume.  Teacher/Student, big age gap, some noncon that was kinda framed as not in the context of the story… mmm.  Yeah.  I’m sure the story will eventually wear me down on the shock of all that (I didn’t like Romantica and Egoist that much at first either), but… Terrorist is a hard sell.

And the other thing keeping me on the fence is now there’s more-or-less three series running in one.  So I want more Romantica, but it has to share space with the other two.  Same with Egoist.  Perhaps this is a good format for BL, though.  None of them really have an overarching plot (except for Terrorist, which is still a new couple, I guess), so the day-to-day stories may read well together, ultimately.

But I think the mix of all that is what’s keeping me from loving this.  I’m sorry, Junjo Romantica.

In terms of the story for the Romantica couple, I do love what’s going on now.  We learn about Usami’s brother (who is also Usami, but Haruhiko Usami), and I like the story that accompanies him.  The teaser for the next volume implies that he’s going to put the moves on Misaki, which I can’t quite wrap my head around right now.

Anyway.  I do have all the English volumes of this, so I’m going to keep reading regardless of whether or not I’m on the fence.  So I’ll let you know how it goes.

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