Kamisama Kiss 12

September 20, 2015

Julietta Suzuki – Viz – 2013 – 21+ volumes

This series is the best!  It’s not often I praise volumes about side characters, but this is one of those times.  Tomoe is hardly in this one.  This is all about Himemiko and her cute romance with the human boy Kotaro.  She is currently head-over-heels, completely adorably in love with him, and disguised as a human.  He’s shy, and doesn’t talk to others well, but he’s really considerate, and seems to like her quite a bit.

On their way to visit Nanami, a fish yokai named Nishiki spirits away Nanami’s whole shrine, with her in it (but not the two shinshi), and puts it underwater in his swamp.  Nanami is held captive, and is meant to perform a wedding ceremony between Nishiki and Himemiko.  Aside from being kidnapped, she refuses to do it because Himemiko is her friend, in love with Kotaro, and Nishiki is clearly an enormous jerk.

Nishiki goes out to meet Himemiko, but runs into her in human form along with Kotaro.  He basically terrorizes them and badly injures Kotaro.  Himemiko can’t use her powers, since it would break her human disguise.

Ryu-oh shows up to defend them, mostly because Nishiki is insufferable and he wants to fight him.  But he later mediates a rather serious rift between Himemiko and Kotaro.

Meanwhile, Nanami has to deal with the spoiled brat Nishiki when he gets back to his swamp.  At the end of the volume, she’s basically trying to tell him how to be a decent creature.

Tomoe is sidelined.  He shows up at the very end, ready to bury Nishiki along with Himemiko.

Nishiki is pretty insufferable.  He’s a bit of a sneering villain at first, a rich boy who won’t even deign to step on the ground.  But we slowly learn he’s been conditioned to act that way, and when Nanami starts giving him lessons on how to treat people, he reacts.  I really liked that about him, and about this series.  I still hated him at the end, but he was “humanized” quite a bit, which was an amazing thing for such an unpleasant character.

And in case I didn’t emphasize this enough earlier, Himemiko and Kotaro are ADORABLE.  I was a little worried about Himemiko possibly being too overbearing, since she spoke of a wedding that Kotaro seemed to be unaware of (I don’t recall their story from earlier in the series), but seeing them together in this volume was great.  They would clearly do anything for each other.  Even just little things, like moral support or getting  drink because you thought the other person might be thirsty.

I really do enjoy the light touch in this series, and it makes me happy when I can enjoy an arc that has nothing to do with the main characters like this.  That’s the mark of a good series.

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