X 4 (omnibus ed.)

September 20, 2015

CLAMP – Viz – 2012 – 18+ volumes
this is an omnibus containing vols. 10-12

Another one from my read-but-not-reviewed pile.  But I’ve read X so much, it doesn’t matter.  Still, I re-read it anyway, because it’s one of my all-time favorites.

The art is so good.  I say this every time, but it bears repeating.  CLAMP has drawn some very beautiful series over the years, but X is really a labor of love.  It breaks my heart that this is still unfinished, when sequels to Tsubasa and xXxHolic are ongoing.  Sporadically.  Though not Gate 7 or Drug and Drop.  I should try the latter out again.  I’m a little scared of the former.

Anyway, most of volume 10 is fallout from what happened last time.  A little downtime, if you will, after the intensity last time  There are two swords, and now both Kamui have one.  We also get to see the members of the Dragon of Earth react to the new Kamui.  Kamui goes to talk to Hinoto, whose dream with Kamui is hijacked by Kakyo.  As it turns out, after the terrible events, The Earth’s Final Saga Has Begun, and Kamui Is Going To Get Fuma Back.

God, I wish this manga had been completed.  I always imagined the movie, TV series, and manga having different endings, and I would have loved to see it here.  It was SO CLOSE.

Anyway.  The second volume is some cute stuff with Kamui at school.  A look at regular life.  He has his cheerful, upbeat friend Keiichi to offer him a little bright spot in an otherwise bleak life.  He’s being tutored by Subaru, who definitely doesn’t provide any sort of cheerfulness.  We learn that Keiichi is afraid of earthquakes after one caused by the Dragons of Earth kills his father, and during one, Kamui leaves him when he realizes the Dragons of Earth are attacking another barrier.  There’s some Nataku drama, and another meeting between Fuma and Kamui thrown in for good measure.

Aahh… volume 12 has a “If thine eye offend thee” act between Fuma and Subaru.  Most heartbreaking, especially when Subaru has to explain to Kamui it was his wish.  Fuma is, after all, all about granting people’s wishes.  But just not Kamui’s.  As a result of that cruel twist of fate, Kamui of course can’t produce a kekkai, which is discussed here.  Also discussed is that tragedy also strikes cheery Keiichi, who continues to be cheerful, but now also horribly depressing at the same time.  Thanks, X, for making even the happy character horribly sad.

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