Dengeki Daisy 16

October 4, 2015

Kyousuke Motomi – Viz – 2015 – 16 volumes

Hooray, the end!  This only had one chapter of the main story, then a handful of side stories along with an unrelated short story (that happens to be Motomi’s debut story).

The close to the main story was… ehh.  It started with a good joke (the cliffhanger from last volume left everyone’s lives in the air, and it proceeded down that path), but was mostly just wrapping up boring loose ends.  We didn’t see Teru graduate.  Nothing happened with her and Kurosaki.

The first set of side stories was interesting.  We got some different POVs, including one from Teru’s brother and one from Riko.  Some past stuff, some stuff that explains some of the last few things about the main plot, et cetera.  There was also a very short story about Teru painting her nails that has one of the sexiest lines I’ve ever seen in a shoujo manga in it.  A shame that NOT EVEN THE SHORT CHAPTERS TAKE PLACE AFTER TERU GRADUATES.

The final epilogue is one of those “take care of someone else’s baby” stories.  I hate these, because I prefer to see a flash-forward with the couple’s child.  This one didn’t even make a whole lot of sense.  Pretty much nothing about the way they got the baby made sense, but I don’t want to get into it too much because that’s the mystery of the story.  But a good preview is the fact they did call the police when they got the baby, and the police didn’t seem interested.

The debut story was cute.  It was about a girl at archery camp who was constantly bullied by an upperclassman.  The one she had a crush on and wound up joining the team for.  But she can’t hit the target, and he’s demon-like in his training and punishment chores, et cetera.  It’s rough, but Motomi’s right, it does contain some of the charm that makes Dengeki Daisy so great.

Ehh… eh.  I still love this series, and would highly recommend it.  This ending isn’t terrible, it just… is.  Which is fine, and I’m happy to see it after all these years.


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