Gravitation 9

October 4, 2015

Maki Murakami – Tokyopop – 2004 – 12 volumes

You know, this is a really silly series that I’m somewhat embarrassed to admit that I liked.  But I read the first part of it twice, and liked it both times, so there’s something to be said about that.

But I stopped here.  I don’t know if it’s because it jumped the shark (blowing up New York is a little too silly, even for this series, and it also introduced a bunch of new characters), or I got bored of the humor, or both.  All the same, after reading this one, I still do like it, and I’ll finish it.  I wish it had wrapped up a little earlier, though.

This volume made me proud to be an American.  If you’re in the mood to read a manga that disregards any realism for its American setting, make it this one.

At one point, one of the new characters offers Shuichi “New York Juice.”  I wish I knew what that was.  I don’t know that I would drink it, though.

Also (especially nitpicky, since one of the characters did blow up Manhattan here), they fly Southwest to Tokyo, which I think is impossible.  But you can now fly Southwest to Akron, Ohio, which is nice.

At one point, a character wakes up Shuichi wearing a fake horse head.  That’s how you know the sense of humor is still good.

But seriously.  I got a little tired of Rage in this volume.  She just yells and blows stuff up constantly.  She fights with all the characters, and now she’s going to stick around.  I get that she had to stand out as a potential love interest for Shuichi, but I hope she gets toned down in future volumes.

Yuki and Shuichi have a fight in this volume, but… it didn’t seem quite right to me.  Their chemistry was off.  Shuichi was acting in character, but Yuki was acting strangely.  He re-connects with someone from his past, but his interaction with Shuichi still didn’t quite feel in-character.  And I am not looking forward to when the truth about the cue cards comes out.

But seriously.  After that, do they just go back to living together?  This is getting all kinds of weird.

But there’s only a few volumes left, so I guess it can derail as hard as it wants.  That would be in the spirit of the thing, anyway.

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