Junjo Romantica 6

October 4, 2015

Shungiku Nakamura – Blu – 2008 – 18+ volumes

Hmm… most of this volume was Romantica, but it was kind of a downer volume.  Usagi’s work supervisors tell Misaki he probably isn’t good for Usagi, and that Usagi isn’t the best judge of that.  So Misaki’s fairly depressed, but then, inexplicably, Usagi’s asshole older brother Haruhiko starts making a play for Misaki after meeting him once and basically blowing him off.  At one point, Haruhiko kidnaps him and locks him in a room.

Generally, I hate rough, abusive stuff like that, especially when it’s played off as no big thing like it is here.  And on one hand, Haruhiko is delightfully eccentric in the same way Usagi is, and I liked the contrast between eccentric successful businessman and eccentric shut-in.  But on the other hand, Haruhiko is actively off-putting and unkind to the characters, which is harder for me to swallow.

That’s kind of disappointing, because I was looking forward to Usagi’s brother.  Oh well.

The last chapter here is a Terrorist chapter, which is even worse about rough stuff than Romantica.  So far, I really hate reading this story.  On one hand, Shinobu did ardently pursue Miyagi.  Which is a bit easier for me to take.  But after Miyagi assents to their relationship, Shinobu pulls away, and Miyagi tends to force him into romantic situations.  I get that Shinobu is supposed to be shy and not like outright romance, but Hiro and Nowaki are like that too, and their relationship works much better.  Come to think of it, Misaki and Usagi are like that too, but in both those couples, it’s obvious (at least, after awhile) that Misaki and Hiro do like their partners.  But with Terrorist being told from Miyagi’s POV, we have no idea how Shinobu feels.  With the huge age difference, and with the plot frequently turning towards Shinobu going to Australia to escape Miyagi… I mean, what am I supposed to think?

Sigh.  There was one cute Hiro/Nowaki story here, but with the Terrorist story ending on a cliffhanger, I suspect the next volume will be weighted towards the Terrorists.  Hopefully the Romantica story will be a bit more positive next time.

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