Kamisama Kiss 13

October 4, 2015

Julietta Suzuki – Viz – 2013 – 21+ volumes

The Himemiko wedding arc continues through all but the last chapter of the volume.  Which is fine, because it’s great!  I even wound up liking Nishiki more in this volume, since he didn’t do anything outright offensive.  The real villain here was his servant/mentor, Shiranui.  Who is fairly unrepentant at the end, but that’s what bad guys are for.

Nishiki was actually adorable here, making even my severe grudge disappear.  He seemed quite sympathetic to Himemiko’s loss, and decided he could marry a woman who felt so strongly about a lost love, since he’d never been in love before.  He wrote her a series of really sweet letters to cheer her up, and was very intent on getting her to smile, though not in the ostentatious joke kind of way.  And he was so sad when he couldn’t do it.

Meanwhile, Nanami has her body stolen, and Mizuki and her Shikigami are tracking it down.  Meanwhile, Tomoe “entertains” the imposter.  This “entertainment” gets rather… intense at the end of the book.  Tomoe is an evil, evil guy.  But that’s why he’s great.

This story just had so much going for it.  How Nishiki felt for Himemiko, how Shiranui felt for Nishiki, and the relationship between Himemiko and Kotaro.  Nanami/Tomoe takes a backseat once again, though Suzuki made up for it with the “entertainment” at the end of the story.

There’s an adorable scene where Himemiko gets her yokai body back.  Just more in the long list of good stuff this series does well.  Just… good characters who genuinely like each other, and are easy to empathize with.  Reading it is an absolute pleasure.

In the last chapter, we get down to the serious business of Tomoe and who his previous human lover was.  I’m ready.

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