Junjo Romantica 7

October 17, 2015

Shungiku Nakamura – Blu – 2008 – 19+ volumes

I just tried to explain my love-hate relationship with this series to my roommate.  He didn’t understand, so I may fail here as well.  Something in me hates reading volumes of this series, but I’m always so pumped when I finish one.

It took me awhile to pick this one up, and part of my dread was that I knew it was going to be a Junjo Terrorist-centric volume.  I hate the Terrorist couple.  Here, Shinobu is completely ignoring and blowing off Miyagi.  Miyagi is shaken, then decides to basically stalk Shinobu until he talks to/yells at him.  Turns out, Shinobu gave him the big brush-off because he found a photo of Miyagi’s old flame, and decided that he was jealous and didn’t want to talk to Miyagi again, because he may like that dead woman (someone who’s been dead for 15+ years) more.  It might also help to know that there’s a 17-year age difference between Shinobu and Miyagi, and Shinobu is just graduating high school.  Shinobu is also the younger brother of Miyagi’s ex-wife, and the grandson of his boss at the university.

Yeah, it’s all kinds of creepy.  Shinobu is also constantly mis-understanding Miyagi, so a lot of the plots of these stories are Shinobu screaming at Miyagi, or not talking to him over something stupid.  The only way to really save this pair, in my eyes, is to do a time skip like we saw in Junjo Egoist.  If we could pick up again after Shinobu graduates college, that might make me feel less like torching the book.

Shinobu’s also kind of an asshole, which admittedly, in the third story, works really well for him.  We’ve at least moved forward to him in college now, which is better.  And he’s not going to the same college Miyagi teaches at, which also helps.  If he was less temperamental (which is sort of the point of the Terrorists stories), it might be more fun to read.  I like the spoiled rich guy angle, and I don’t get enough of that from Usagi.

So Terrorists were most of the volume, with another long Romantica story for the last third or so.  The Romantica story was really good.  Misaki’s friend at school and Usagi keep rubbing each other the wrong way, and Misaki finally has to take a stand and tell Usagi to stay out of his damn business.  Usagi’s worried that the friend is trying to pick up Misaki in a predatory way… which it turns out he’s not, and I kind of liked the twist.  The friend actually blurts out some ugly things about the pair (Usagi forcing Misaki into the relationship, the fact Misaki never says anything nice to or about Usagi), and the pair leave him.  But Usagi, at least, seems to be in a more serious state of mind, and Misaki blurted out something mildly affectionate (although nothing close to a confession), so I’m hoping we get more Romantica next volume.

There’s also, like, a 6-page Egoist story.  I like those two a lot, and there’s a teaser for a potentially juicy sounding story, so I’m all about that.  Here’s hoping it’s just these two stories next time around.

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