Alice in the Country of Joker: Nightmare Trilogy 3

October 18, 2015

QuinRose/Job – Seven Seas Entertainment – 2015 – 3 volumes

I’m a little sad this series is over now.  I have a handful more of these spin-offs to read, but none of the characters are quite as likable as Nightmare.

In the first half of this volume, Joker tricks Alice into working for her as an assistant at the circus.  During one of the shows, he also tricks Nightmare into volunteering, and performs a… deadly prank on them both.  The fallout is quite adorable.

Another large part of the book is about Alice trying to get Nightmare to accept an invitation from one of his tenants.  Nightmare insists that these are formal, and that the tenants are too scared of him to actually want to meet him.  But Alice wants his image to change, and forces him to the home of a man with three daughters.  He clearly wants Nightmare to marry one of them.  Alice gets upset, but insists that Nightmare stay with the girls, even though he really wants to leave with her.  Later, one of the girls comes back, and Alice gets jealous despite the fact Nightmare keeps reassuring her that there’s nobody for him but her… blah blah blah.

Later, Joker catches them both again, and to get Alice back, Nightmare has to fight a brainwashed Grey.  The fallout from this is the conclusion to the book, and it is super-cute.  Nightmare says he’s trying to be cool and manly, and Alice just wants him to be forceful, to want to kiss her, and love her, et cetera (odd, considering she kind of hates that in the other stories).  He says he would, but loses confidence since Alice tends to run away from him a lot and hang out with the other guys in the Country of Joker.  They kiss, with their hands over the respective heart/clock of the other, and it’s adorable.  Lastly, there’s a short story about how the two aren’t intimate, and Alice is upset that Nightmare is being timid again, whereas Nightmare just doesn’t want to force her into things she’s not comfortable with.

Seriously.  The nicest guy in the series.

Get this trilogy if you are at all into the Alice spin-offs.  The only downside is the art.  I’ve talked about Job’s art before, and I kind of stopped noticing it here… but she’s definitely not Mamenosuke Fujimaru.  It’s kind of hard to get into because of that.  But definitely worth it.

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