Kamisama Kiss 15

October 18, 2015

Julietta Suzuki – Viz – 2014 – 21+ volumes

Ahh, this series is so freaking cute!  I’ve probably started the last three reviews like that, and I’ve been binge-reading this on my week off.  But really, the novelty hasn’t worn off.  The current story arc is pretty serious, but there are so many cute, sentimental moments scattered throughout that you never feel too down reading it.

The story arc in the past continues.  Nanami has to nurse Tomoe, who’s taken the form of a child, but without Tomoe knowing who she is.  So she stays away from him when he wakes up, and tells him her name is Yukiji (the woman he’s in love with from the past).  This is obviously leading to Tomoe always loving Nanami, which I’m super-pumped about.

She almost confronts the fallen kami who cursed him, but gets pulled back to the present at the last minute.  Re-equipped, she goes back into the past and runs into Akura-Oh, who is a nasty, yet whimsical dude.  Somehow, it doesn’t occur to Nanami that this guy is wanted by the humans of the time because he is a horrible murderer until he actually murders someone.  Then she realizes he’s a horrible peach-eating sociopath that doesn’t understand humans.

Akura-Oh seems unlikely to harm her, and it appears that the story may be setting up Tomoe for rejection (or Yukiji to actually fall in love with him, but I’m voting for the former).  I’m wondering if this will keep going or conclude next volume.  She still has to deal with the fallen kami (the scene where she bartered for his name here was AWESOME), so I’m looking forward to that as well.

There are two short stories in the back that are TO DIE FOR.  They were released to celebrate the anime.  One is about Tomoe hiding a gift for Nanami, but she thinks it’s something that will somehow make her leave the shrine.  The second is about Nanami trying to hide some racy underwear her friend made her buy.  Tomoe was in particularly fine form at the end of this story.

Seriously.  I love the current story arc, but I really can’t wait until it comes back to the present and we get to see more of Tomoe being awesome.  I think I have three more volumes until I’m caught up to the current release?  I’ll be sad when I can’t read any more.

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