Bakuman 18

October 19, 2015

Tsugumi Ohba / Takeshi Obata – Viz – 2014 – 20 volumes

I’m not sure why I haven’t finished this one up yet.  Possibly because the volumes are rather dense and daunting (there’s a lot of text and talking heads), and I frequently enjoy a breezy manga reading experience.

This one has Hiramaru on the cover.  I was hoping for more Hiramaru inside, but most of the book concerns Muto Ashirogi’s new one-shot, which is like Eiji Nizuma’s one-shot, and both have a chance of being turned into a series.  But then that’s 4 slots in Jump for 2 artists, which the editors don’t really want.  So they are unlikely to select both.  There’s the possibility of another magazine, but Muto Ashirogi’s new series, Reversi, is so good, and so very much their thing.  It could really compete with Eiji Nizuma.

As flat as that summary is, this was, once again, inordinately exciting.  Will they get a series?  Man, this one sounds good, and Perfect Crime Party sounds like something that could run forever, so Reversi would be cool… the second magazine is a great solution, but then again, if Nizuma can have two series in Jump, why not Shujin and Saiko?  Seriously, I tore through this volume wondering what would happen.  You think I’d be spoiled silly on this series by now, but I’m not, and this was gripping stuff.

Later, there’s a Hiramaru story arc.  Yoshida promises him the magic words for proposal if his series gets animated, but when it happens, Yoshida puts him off by telling him now isn’t the right time to propose to Aoki since her series just got cancelled.  Hiramaru takes this at face value, but Yoshida gets a pang of conscience, since he’s sort of milking Hiramaru for his own career benefit, and Hiramaru only asked Yoshida to make him happy when they first met.  So Yoshida does help Hiramaru set up the perfect date to propose.  It’s adorable, but not as cool as the Yoshida/Hiramaru scene in volume 13, where Yoshida give ridiculous pages worth of backhanded insults to convince Hiramaru of how awesome he is.

So next volume is still Reversi.  The length will probably be a problem.  They’re playing it off now, but I know that popular series get beat like dead horses, and that has to come up at some point.

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