Alice in the Country of Joker: Circus and Liar’s Game 7

October 24, 2015

QuinRose / Mamenosuke Fujimaru – Seven Seas Entertainment – 2015 – 7 volumes

Actually, this did wrap things up, for the most part!  I’m surprised!  I’m also surprised that the whole volume was Circus and Liar’s Game except for a few pages of a Diamond story at the end that tied back into it.

Oh, and the “If Alice Was Small” bonus comics at the end.  Those were in the backs of all these books, and they were adorable/funny/maybe a little creepy.  But I loved them as bonus comics, and I liked that there was… a sort of continuity?

This had more of a definite ending than any of the other Alice manga I’ve read so far.  I wondered if there were rules for Alice staying, and here at the end, with Alice making a role for herself… I had my questions answered, though the story didn’t really come right out and say she becomes a clock person.  Nor do we get to hear about Vivaldi and Blood, though there was a brief reference to that here.

The main conflict is that Alice was being executed at the end of the last volume, of course, and what’s up with the prison, April season, et cetera.  Most of that is wrapped up pretty handily, and while it wasn’t… super clear, enough of the ideas got across that I… mostly understood what was going on.

One thing that was disappointing was that we did get to see Alice visiting with everyone at the end of the volume, which I assumed would lead into April season closing and us finding out why Julius, Gray, et cetera were all living together.  That… didn’t come up.

There were some very sweet scenes between Blood and Alice, which was great, because Blood has been creepy-violent through most of the series.  There wasn’t a whole lot of romance there, just angry scenes where Alice wondered why she was attracted to Blood.  So romance was nice, as were the scenes with Blood, Alice, and Vivaldi.

I like the Alice series with continuity… but honestly, I think I liked Cheshire Cat Waltz a bit more than this one, even though Waltz suffers from a horrible predictable ending.  And my favorite is still the Nightmare Trilogy, even if it’s not a long series like these.  But there you go:  Alice in the Country of Joker.

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