Kamisama Kiss 16

October 24, 2015

Julietta Suzuki – Viz – 2014 – 21+ volumes

Oh man, it got better.  I’m still not convinced that Nanami as “Yukiji” isn’t the one Tomoe is in love with, but that questions stays open-ended throughout this volume.

What I do know is that this is the best Nanami/Tomoe volume yet.  Hands down.  You will melt, if you bear any love for this series at all.

Somehow, I forgot that Nanami can’t kiss Tomoe in the past, lest he become her shinshi (again).  Even though that’s basically the plot of the series.  It comes up here, just in case you’re trying to imagine what goes on in the above scenario.

In terms of plot, Akura-oh takes an interest in (presumably) the real Yukiji, since he hears that Tomoe has a crush on her.  He orders her killed, and, after being warned of the plot, Nanami offers to act as a decoy in Yukiji’s wedding procession, so that she will face Akura-oh instead.  Well, it’s not Akura-oh that comes, and Nanami only escapes the slaughter because of her kami powers.  And Tomoe.


Tomoe basically spirits Nanami away, who is torn between being deliriously happy and realizing that Tomoe will need to fall in love with Yukiji in order for events in the present to work out.  So she keeps trying to set the two of them up.  But, of course, Tomoe is the one that slaughtered Yukiji’s village, so there’s not much chance she’ll want anything to do with him.  Hence my fervent wish that “Yukiji” is actually Nanami.  But after a short time with Tomoe, Nanami begins to be pulled back to the present, and she realizes she needs to find the fallen kami before that happens.

And she does!  Surprisingly, the fallen kami is really kind, and helps her out, but not in the way she was hoping for.

And… I need to read the next volume RIGHT NOW.

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