Junjo Romantica 8

October 25, 2015

Shungiku Nakamura – Blu – 2009 – 19+ volumes

THIS VOLUME WAS THE BEST.  We did get to meet Usagi’s dad!  We only see him for a brief scene.  He was everything I could have hoped for.  Though neither Usagi brother seems kindly disposed toward him.  He sends Misaki a big, eccentric present, so I was immediately smitten with him.  I’m sure he’ll turn into a huge jerk next time around, but for now, I’ll enjoy him.

Usagi starts clamming up around Misaki again, and Misaki finally gets fed up and asks him why.  But in the course of asking, he realizes… that Usagi doesn’t really know how Misaki feels.  Misaki figures he doesn’t have to say anything, but after it was pointed out last volume, they both seem uncomfortably aware that Usagi is the only one pursuing a relationship.  So Misaki has to do something about that.  He does it twice.  The look of expectation on Usagi’s face in the first chapter is the best.

The second time around, though, actually led to a legitimately steamy scene.  I hate the sex scenes in this series because one of the partners is always shouting to stop, but not in this one.  Finally.

The second story was adorable.  Misaki takes Usagi on a regular college student date, because he’s having trouble writing one for his current novel.  Usagi finds the family restaurant/aquarium/shopping lineup boring, but goes anyway, because Misaki obviously made up the list of activities with him in mind.  The big, cute scene happens in a Ferris Wheel car.  Aww.  I love manga.

There’s also an Egoist chapter.  Nowaki is out of character, to the point that Hiro is completely shocked.  Hiro thinks Nowaki might be breaking up with him, because… all the signs are there.  And they never see each other any more.

Hiro is also completely adorable in this chapter.  I really do like this couple.  I like both the Romantica and Egoist stories a lot now, so that’s good.  I still have four volumes left of them to read.

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