Skip Beat 35

October 31, 2015

Yoshiki Nakamura – Viz – 2015 – 37+ volumes

I had to wait a bit before I reviewed this one, because it’s exciting, and I would have embarrassed myself.  If you haven’t read previous reviews of this series, know that it’s been one of my favorites for years, and continues to be a source of entertainment for me with every volume.

But this volume.  This volume’s the best.  You can tell because Corn is right there on the cover.

(I’d also like to point out that “Corn” is still the most ridiculous name for the love interest in a shoujo manga, and I love that I get to write an entire review about him)

Kyoko and Corn are on a dateFor the whole volume.  Skip Beat is one of my favorite shoujo running gags, because it’s 35 volumes long and this never happens.  I don’t think I’d forgive any other series (except Oh My Goddess) for this, but when Skip Beat pays out, it feels like all the years I waited were worth it.  Corn says all sorts of sappy stuff without blinking.  I’m embarrassed for him.  But also pleased.

On the other hand, this volume-long date was really annoying, because Corn continues to tell Kyoko he’s a fairy pretending to be Ren, and Kyoko believes him, and they have conversations along those lines the entire time.  It’s so ridiculous.  Skip Beat giveth, and Skip Beat taketh away.

One tiny spoiler…



I was a little confused, because they debate quite a bit over a kiss.  Kyoko doesn’t want to give Corn (that sly dog) a kiss to break his curse, because she doesn’t want to incur the wrath of Ren.  But Ren’s rule is that kisses while acting don’t count, and one kiss in private doesn’t count.  So I’m not sure why Kyoko is so worked up about giving Corn one kiss?  I guess it’s because curse-breaking kisses have to count?

Without saying much more, this volume may be better than the intense one we got when Kyoko and Ren were acting.  Annoyingly, Ren is still acting here, but… IT HAS TO RESOLVE THIS SOON.  I mean… how much story could possibly be left to tell?  We still don’t know about Kyoko’s mother, we still need to find out about Ren’s past (and maybe his mom), and I think she still needs to tell off Sho?  And that doesn’t count side stories, like if a side character needs to throw a big party to resolve issues with their dad?  DOES ALL THAT HAVE TO HAPPEN BEFORE REN TELLS HER ABOUT CORN?


I did like the bonus chapter, where even the Grudge Kyokos couldn’t believe that Kyoko didn’t know they were the same person.  They have the same heavenly smile, and the radiant energy from that is a unique signature!  It can’t be duplicated!

I think the cutest would be if she somehow met Corn again and wound up confessing her feelings for Ren.  That would be the smoothest and most magical way to do it, right?  Because he couldn’t hold out anymore?

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