Toradora! 7

October 31, 2015

Yuyuko Takemiya / Zekkyo – Seven Seas Entertainment – 2015 – 7+ volumes

Hmm… I didn’t like this volume as much, mostly because if a series is coming out this slow, I want it to focus on the main characters.  This volume is about Kitamura and some uncharacteristic activity on his part… mostly that he’s rebelling against school, his classmates, and especially the student council.

It’s fairly obvious what’s going on here… well, mostly.  “Who” is obvious, and the problem between them is a little more complicated than it first seems, which is why I like this series.  But it’s still about what you’d expect.

I usually like Kitamura, and I get that he’s having something of an identity crisis here.  But he lashes out in some ugly ways, especially toward Ryuji. Ryuji, Taiga, and Taiga’s mom try to help him out by force.  Kitamura doesn’t really want help, which is where some of the ugliness comes from.

Disappointingly, the wrap-up to Taiga’s dad’s storyline is a little underwhelming.  Everybody just accepts who they are and moves on.  I liked the drama, and was looking for more of an impact of the Taiga-rushing-into-Ryuji’s-arms type.

Weirdly, my volume had a printing error where the center of the book was bound upside-down.  The most common type of printing error is when pages are duplicated and replace other pages that are supposed to be there (I see this in regular books more than manga, although my copy of Love Song is like this), and I’ve even seen one printing error where a section of another book was bound into the manga (From Eroica With Love 15), but this volume was complete.  It just had a section that was upside-down.  Which meant when I was reading it, I had to flip it upside-down, turn to the back of the book, and flip backwards to that section, then read it all the way through, then flip the book back around, flip through the upside-down section, and continue reading.  A novelty.  I kept mine because it was too much trouble to return, but usually this type of error only affects a few copies.  You can return it and get another if you get one.

I’m sad that I’m going to have to wait another year for more Taiga/Ryuji.  I hate when I’m caught up with a slow series I really like.

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