Gravitation 11

November 8, 2015

Maki Murakami – Tokyopop – 2005 – 12 volumes

I need to finish this series up.  It’s still very charming, and has its funny moments, but I’m basically done with it.  The honeymoon is over.  It even tried to win me back this time by letting Yuki (!!!) get a little sappy, and the story went back to Shuichi writing lyrics, which is how the two of them met.

…Actually, that’s almost all I have to say about this volume.  Ryuichi and Shuichi have a clandestine restroom encounter that results in Shuichi writing lyrics for 10 singles in something like 5 weeks.  He is horribly depressed by this, because it’s how he met Yuki – Yuki trashed his lyrics and stole his confidence to the point that Shuichi became obsessed with him.

As it turns out, Shuichi’s confidence is still gone, so after some false starts, the other members of Bad Luck decide that the problem himself, award-winning writer Eiri Yuki, can write their lyrics for them.  There’s a huge positive response… until Shuichi decides that he’s the only person who’s not growing and changing, and that writing the lyrics will be a good first step for him.

Uncharacteristically, Yuki agrees to write the lyrics, and gets extremely upset when Shuichi decides to do it himself (his methods of revenge for this are pretty funny, I’m glad Gravitation can still make me laugh).  He’s not sure why this is… unless he actually does like Shuichi and wants to be involved.

I don’t know… none of it really grabbed me?  I liked everything that was going on, but not even the romance between Shuichi and Yuki felt right here.  Perhaps Yuki has been spoiled by many chapters worth of strange, cold feelings, or maybe this isn’t genuine, I don’t know.  Shuichi writing lyrics wasn’t as funny as it should have been.  The last song has yet to come out, so I’m waiting for the lyrics to that song to be the plot point for the last story arc.

That, or the weird harassment subplot at the end of the story.  For some reason, three people decide to carry out a plan to make it seem like Sakuma’s fans are sending death threats to Shuichi.  I’m not sure why, or where that’s going, either.  Maybe they are really upset that he writes bad lyrics.

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