Junjo Romantica 9

November 10, 2015

Shungiku Nakamura – Blu – 2009 – 19+ volumes

Okay, Junjo Romantica.  You win.  I like Akihiko and Misaki.  A LOT.  These stories keep getting better and better.  Rather than being comedy-centric and about how Misaki does not want but stays around anyway and Akihiko does want, now the relationship between the two keeps getting deeper.  Even Misaki talks about how much he loves Akihiko.  Aww.

Here, we meet Usagi’s cousin Kaoruko.  For some reason, Usagi’s father has arranged a marriage between her and Haruhiko, and neither wants much to do with it.  Misaki winds up encouraging both of them to pursue their dreams rather than listen to what people tell them to do.  It’s kind of sweet, and even Haruhiko is less creepy than usual.

There’s also a fantastic scene where Kaoruko walks in on Usagi going down on Misaki and doesn’t bat an eye.  Nor does Usagi.  His stoicism is fantastic in scenes like that.

The first chapter is mostly a cute Christmas Eve chapter, where plans don’t work out but Misaki and Usagi are good to each other.  So sweet.

There’s also a brief Junjo Minimum chapter (a cute summer camp scene between Akihiko and Kamijo when they were young) and a brief Terrorist chapter.  I still don’t like those two.

Three volumes left until I reach the end of the Blu supply!  I’ll be sad to finish it!

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