Yukarism 3

November 10, 2015

Chika Shiomi – Viz – 2015 – 4 volumes

This is always satisfying.  And Shiomi’s art is well-suited to this series.  She draws some very fancy Edo-era scenes.  My favorite was an outdoor lantern festival.  I learned, and it was pretty to look at.

The story escalates, and Yukari figures out who’s who in the present.  He tries to learn more about them in the past, but the black magician Shizuka, who can tell when Yukari’s “spirit” takes over Yumurasaki, advises him that going back and forth between the past and present is ill-advised.  This catches up with Yukari, and everyone else, at the end of the volume.

Honestly, I like this because I can’t tell where it’s going from here.  There’s… not really a romance.  What I thought was a romantic triangle turned out not to be, so the couple is undisputed… but not much ground is made there.  And I also like the past couple of Yumurasaki/Shizuka better than the present Yukari/Mahoro pairing.  To be fair to Mahoro, she doesn’t spend much time as herself, so we haven’t gotten a chance to like her.  But that’s all right, because Yumurasaki’s life is kinda more interesting.

We don’t find out a lot about Shizuka in this volume, but we get the sad back story about Yumurasaki and Kazuma.  That was wonderful, too.

Again, I’m not the biggest fan of historical-themed series, but I love Chika Shiomi, and I am really digging Yukarism.  It’s nice and short, I like not knowing where it’s going, I’m enjoying Shiomi’s detailed historical artwork, and she’s also really good at setting a creepy mood and drawing a fairly compelling fast-paced story, no matter what’s going on.

Ah, but the fourth volume doesn’t come out until November!  That’s quite a wait.  I guess I have plenty to read until then, though.  (note:  this review is old.  It came out on Tuesday, and was fantastic).

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