No. 6 6

November 14, 2015

Atsuko Asano / Hinoki Kino – Kodansha USA – 2014 – 9 volumes

This section’s a lot different than the anime, if you’ve seen that.  This is also around where I stopped reading the novels (I’m kinda tempted to start again, though I keep hoping they’ll be licensed in English and published), so I’m not sure how different the manga is from here on out.

Shion and Rat, after getting captured by someone Rat knows, manage to talk their way into a city that exists under the Correctional Facility.  They tell their story to one of the elders.  He, in turn, tells them the story of the founding of No. 6, and Rat tells Shion where he came from and what happened to him.  There’s a lot of… close moments between Shion and Rat, lots of each of them jumping to the other’s defense, which is all kinds of cute and still manages to not be very romantic.

This scene felt a little… weird in manga form?  I assume there was more in the novels that was left out.  It doesn’t really explain the city or what all the people are doing there (I assume they came from the same place as Rat?), why Rat wasn’t allowed back, or… much of anything at all.  It’s wrapped up by the end of the volume, and Shion and Rat are all about going back out and messing up the foundations of No. 6, so I suppose the manga readers will never know.

Meanwhile, I’m undecided if Rikiga tricked Dogcatcher or Dogcatcher tricked Rikiga, but the two of them appear to be helping out Shion and Rat with a disturbance in the city.  It’s also Founder’s Day in No. 6, so it seems like the pace will probably be speedy from here out.  A scene at the end of the volume indicates that whatever is in the works from the science side of No. 6 has been unleashed.  One of Dogcatcher’s contacts also links back to Shion’s mom, which is also kind of cool.  I liked having her sitting on the sidelines, worrying about Shion the whole time.  Not only did she provide a nice link inside No. 6, she’s also the rare non-absentee manga parent.

Still a great read!  Lots of action, both Shion and Rat continue to be interesting enough to follow along, and now that the 3-volume story climax is starting, it’s hard to put down.  It’s especially intriguing now that it’s diverging from what I know of the anime, so that’s fun.

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