Kamisama Kiss 18

November 15, 2015

Julietta Suzuki – Viz – 2015 – 21+ volumes

Of course the story continues, I forgot about Akura-oh!  And there’s the Cousin Itt yokai, being all creepy.

This volume started off with Nanami so deliriously happy she’s basically failing all her classes.  Mikage (who is sticking around now?) threatens to not let her go on her class trip to Okinawa if she does not do well on her exams.  She wants badly to go with Tomoe, Kurama, Mizuki (as an exchange student), and her friends from school.

Mizuki in the plane was the best.  He could not get over how something so huge and metal could fly through the air, and it was freaking the other students out.

They get to Okinawa, and there’s a storm raging.  Turns out, Akura-oh is already there, and he’s done something to make a local mermaid angry, who curses him and plunges the island into a perpetual storm.  She also entangles one of Nanami’s friends.  Nanami has to get the mermaid’s robe back from Akura-oh, who of course does not want to part with it.

There is very little Tomoe/Nanami time in this volume, which was a little surprising.  They, of course, are never alone together, especially now that Mikage is living with them again.  Tomoe begins to pout, because Nanami seems to be paying attention to everyone and not just him.  How cute.

Everything here is still pretty great.  This is pushing the limit of slightly too many characters, since there are a couple classmates that we need to be familiar with now, but I guess we lose Himemiko, Kotaro, Mitake, Kotetsu, and Onikiri for this trip?  Having Kurama and the two friends involved with the story, as well as Akura-oh, his servant, and his shinshi, is a little confusing.  But it’s handling itself well now.  I suspect the characters will slowly start to shed themselves as the story focuses itself more.

Is this going to be another big, long epic?  It really doesn’t matter either way to me.  Kamisama Kiss is so good, it could probably do anything (except hacking/corporate espionage) and I would love it.  Reading 8 volumes together was great, and I’m considering a re-read now.

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