Alice in the Country of Clover: The Lizard Aide

November 17, 2015

QuinRose/Job – Seven Seas Entertainment – 2015 – 1 volume

I was happy to see a one-shot about a different, fairly minor character, and I was even more thrilled when I opened it up and realized it was drawn by Job.  I’m still not the biggest fan of her artwork, but I’m convinced her Alice spin-offs are the best.  This one was awesome, but I still love the Nightmare trilogy best of all.

This is about what you’d expect.  A mystery group causes a ruckus at the assembly, and Blood is injured trying to protect Alice.  He asks Nightmare (whose realm he was injured in) for the loan of a person who can replace him for 30 time periods, while his arm heals.  He asks for Alice (of course, you thought he was going to do the practical thing and ask for Gray), and the usual cycle begins.  Gray and Alice had a bit of a connection before the separation, but they both spend a lot of time thinking about each other, Gray gets jealous when he sees Alice out shopping with Blood, et cetera.  We find out Blood was orchestrating a huge plot to catch the troublemakers, and Gray and Alice hook up in the end.

Nightmare is in this off and on, and he’s always funny.  I haven’t yet tired of the joke where Alice reacts mentally to something, and Nightmare gets upset because he can clearly read her thoughts. I also enjoyed the fact Nightmare was appalled when Gray’s thoughts were unguarded and he could see what he was imagining Blood was doing to Alice.

The jealousy this time around isn’t from Nightmare, it’s from Blood.  That’s good, because Nightmare would have automatically become my favorite if he was courting Alice, and that would’ve been a shame in the only Gray book.  Nightmare isn’t much of a stealer, though.  Gray is an excellent jealous, protective beau, and Alice is clearly into him, something that a lot of the non-Job stories lack.  There’s a scene where he gets jealous enough to blindfold Alice so she can’t see anyone, and bind her hands and… basically it’s a heavily implied sex scene that starts with jealousy.  Alice is a little silent going into it, but has clearly enjoyed it the next day.

There’s a very short Dee and Dum story in the back.  There’s also a Crimson Empire story, also featuring blindfolding.  The main character is blindfolded in a lead-up to dressing the prince.  Naughty stuff.

I liked it.  I’ve only got a few of these left to read, and I’m a little daunted because it’s mostly a pair of Elliot and Ace one-shots, which seem rather generic after all the others I’ve read.  But maybe they’ll be great!  I was glad I saved this one to read towards the end of my Alice supply.

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