Dorohedoro 13

November 17, 2015

Q Hayashida – Viz – 2014 – 20+ volumes

Hmm… this crossed the line from “tantalizing hints” to “telling story without explaining things,” so it got a little confusing.  Not that I don’t like it, but I am happy I have a few more volumes to read after this, because it would be annoying if this is where I stopped for several months.

So… Aikawa… just goes back to school.  And Risu is there.  There’s something weird between them, and it has something to do with Risu’s magic, and what happened to him, and why he’s still alive.  Aikawa… is he Caiman?  Is Caiman both of them?  Does Caiman have something to do with Risu’s magic?  With Aikawa’s magic?  With both of them?  And what about the boss of the Cross-Eyes?  They’re just… going to wizard school.

Things… I don’t want to say get explained, but… I guess make a little more sense at the end of the volume when we find out one of the characters can switch heads.  I love that this was within the realm of possibility for this series.

Actually… I re-read the volume just now, and the Risu/Aikawa/Boss Cross-Eyes connection makes a little more sense, given the revelation at the end?  Not much, and I would still like it to be explained, but I can see more sense now.  Depending on what the head-switching is about.

We also get a couple hints about Haze.  He’s an adult in someone’s… dream/fantasy/vision/something, and his wife turns him older at one point.  But this is also not explained.  I love his wife, though.  She’s on the cover this time, as well as in the extra evil in the back.  She is delightful.

The Cross-Eyes are overrunning En’s mansion, and we also find out one of them is a very powerful wizard, which is awesome.  Everyone’s magic is personal in this series, so each sorcerer does something outlandish, and it’s always fun to see someone new.  En’s family is regrouping, recovering, trying to find stray members, Judas’s Ear is on the lamb with Chota, and Judas’s Ear is ardently sought after for obvious reasons.

Elsewhere, Nikaido is getting Devil Training to learn to control her magic.  She and Aikawa meet up at the end, and it is most heartbreaking.

The extra evil is fantastic, as always.

I’m hoping that the most mystifying bits of story are out of the way now, and more will be explained.  Then again, I was hoping that would happen when Risu “died” in volume 10, but we still… don’t quite have an adequate explanation for that?  Unless his magic was explained earlier in the series and I forgot, but a previous explanation for strange behavior in Dorohedoro seems unlikely.

This is still the best series I’m reading right now.  I’m shortly going to run out of volumes, then I’ll have to wait until December for 17 (note: I wrote this in September, it’s just about out now).  I keep hoping we won’t catch up to the Japanese version until it ends in Japan, especially since volumes only come out once a year in Japan.  I thought it was going to end soon, but I haven’t heard about that in awhile.

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