No. 6 7

November 22, 2015

Atsuko Asano / Hinoki Kino – Kodansha USA – 9 volumes

Yes!  Shion and Rat speed up through the Correctional Facility, and this volume’s pretty much non-stop action.  Lots of disturbing stuff, and lots of cute/horrifying moments between Rat and Shion.  Everything from Rat resigning himself to the fact that he’s thrown his way of life out the window for Shion, to Shion doing something horrifying and out-of-character to protect Rat.

Actually, I can’t talk too much about this volume without spoiling it, but it’s also hard to talk about because it was so action-oriented.  Lots of Shion and Rat running through hallways, dodging scientists, finding brainless bodies on a conveyor belt, ducking into air vents, and thwarting security systems.

We take a peek elsewhere occasionally, with Karan and Dogcatcher/Rikiga doing their things.  We also hear rumblings about Dogcatcher’s distraction, which was spreading garbage all over No. 6 so that it stank terribly.  Shion comments at one point that the smell isn’t nearly so bad as the one in West Block, and the No. 6 residents really are fragile.  Elsewhere in No. 6, the bees are loose.

Powering through this one.  Hope to have the last two volumes read tonight!  Though this, along with the other three, probably won’t get posted for some time. (edit: I was right.  I finished this in August)

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