Oh My Goddess 46

November 28, 2015

Kosuke Fujishima – Dark Horse – 2014 – 48 volumes

I got the last Dark Horse volume in hand last week! (note: I wrote this in October)  I need to catch up on these last two reviews.  Seriously, I’m so crushed this is over.

This is a strange volume, since not much happens.  The first few chapters tell the story of the Goddess in the Pond and the Bard, who Belldandy and Keiichi are sort-of inhabiting.  They live a full, happy life together, but of course the ending is sad since the Bard is mortal.  The Gate tries to impress the sadness on Belldandy and Keiichi, but it doesn’t really work.  Of course.  It really is a beautiful story, which is sort of Oh My Goddess’s thing.

There is one rather shocking panel in the story.  It was subtle, and fits in with the flow of the story wonderfully, but it blew my mind because Oh My Goddess doesn’t go there, especially without comment.

We get to meet Tyr, the CEO of Heaven, in a manner of speaking.  This excited me.  It’s a bit of a cop-out, but I can understand.  We got a pretty big gift last volume, I don’t know that it was time for another yet.

The last few chapters made me smile.  Tyr makes Keiichi perform a miracle.  Because it’s Keiichi, this miracle is heavily motorcycle-racing-based.  We’ve seen this so many times, I was surprised Keiichi was even nervous.  One of my favorite story arcs was the one where he and Belldandy rode in a pair race, and it talked about how he basically knew everything there was to know about racing, and Belldandy.  I was thrilled that this was the final challenge.

One Response to “Oh My Goddess 46”

  1. memecrazy Says:

    i really really really love this manga, and also the anime, i have been watching and reading this since i was 14 years old, now i am 27, good thing there’s internet now and i can read free manga, i am currently reading at onemanga http://www.onemanga.io/Titles/Ah_My_Goddess
    this is my childhood anime, hehe

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