Gunslinger Girl 9-10

December 24, 2015

Yu Aida – Seven Seas Entertainment – 2012 – 15 volumes

I can’t say too much about this volume without spoiling what happens in the first half.  But the story finally gets around to addressing the impending deaths of the first generation of cyborgs.  It’s pretty sad stuff, predictably, though the girl in question takes it pretty well.  Her handler does not.  The other cyborgs… don’t seem to care, save for the fact their handlers treat them better now.  That was fairly disturbing, but in an intentional way, and I liked that detail.

The second half of the book focused on Triela.  We learn about what happened in her past, and what the connection between her past self and her handler is.  Hilshire’s position in the organization is pretty unique, and I’m a little surprised that he’s allowed to be Triela’s handler, if close relationships between cyborg and handler are frowned upon after what happened to the doomed pair.  Triela and Hilshire’s relationship does feel a lot like father and rebellious daughter though, especially from Hilshire’s side.  Though Gunslinger Girl does make sure to cross that line and let us know that Triela doesn’t really see it that way.

There’s obviously a whole army of 2nd gen cyborgs, though Petra and Sandro are the only pair we see in action.  They duck in and out of the story here, though it’s clear they have a lot more of a “romantic” relationship than the other cyborgs.  I dread reading about that.

I suspect next volume will deal with the Croce brothers, and their cyborgs Henrietta and Rico.  The last chapter or so left a dangerous witness in the hands of the good guys, and Pandania wants that person back.  We are re-told the story about the slain DA, and somehow (perhaps because I tune out the heavily political parts of the story) I missed that the slain DA was related to two of the handlers.  This made me feel bad, because they have been talking about Jose and Jean seeking revenge for awhile now.  I don’t think I realized they were brothers, either, until the end of this volume.  Perhaps this series isn’t really for me after all.  But I have the rest of it, and it’s getting more exciting the closer it gets to the end, so I’ll probably just finish up the last 5 volumes.

My copy of this volume was a 4th printing, which is great, I’m glad Seven Seas is doing well with this series and keeping it in print.  My copy of the 4th printing had bad binding though, and fell apart before I finished it.  Again, I’m too lazy to get a replacement copy, but you can always return defective copies like this and get a refund/new book from wherever you bought it from.

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