Eyeshield 21 33

January 17, 2016

Riichiro Inagaki / Yusuke Murata – Viz – 2010 – 37 volumes

So the catching battle with Monta ended here.  Sort of.  It wasn’t the definitive ending you were looking for, but it was slightly more realistic than sports manga usually are, so that was nice.

There was also a nice scene where American Eyeshield 21 admitted that Sena and Monta were true athletes, even though they were weak and wimpy against their opponents in Teikoku.  He liked that they kept getting back up, even though they were completely beaten.

Which they were.  Most of this volume is a trouncing.  They have 9 minutes left in the 4th quarter, and the score is 42-0 Teikoku.  Since this is a manga, there is a chance they will win, even though that’s pretty much impossible.  I’ve read several sports manga, but somehow, that deficit struck me as hilariously unrealistic in a way that no sports manga has before.

They start making it up by tricking their opponents outlandishly, though not the usual Deimon tricks.  No, these are the types of real football trick plays like you’d see in a real football game.  I like watching Hiruma get all fired up, but I was a little disappointed they weren’t funnier, and that it didn’t last longer.

Seriously though, this volume is depressing.  They take a beating.

There’s hints that next volume will decide the game in the definitive battle of Eyeshield 21s.  I’m… not sure what the last three volumes will be about after that, though?  Hopefully one will be about Hiruma.  There’s a shadowy figure in the crowd that mentions that Hiruma made a tactical error trusting his friend Sena.  I want to know more about Hiruma.  I’d be fine with no football for that.

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