This week’s Say It With Manga focused on Suehiro Maruo, and you can check it out over at Comics Should Be Good.  Basically, The Strange Tale of Panorama Island is worth checking out, and more people should really see what an awesome artist he is.  The other two books available in English are… a little to a lot gross.  Mr. Arashi’s Amazing Freak Show is tough to read, but Ultra-Gash Inferno is not something most people are going to want to pick up.  I had forgotten about it until I re-read it for that column, then I remembered I don’t even like having it in my house.

Even while not updating over here, I did all my Say It With Manga columns, so there’s a bunch of stuff over there you can check out and catch up on.  Mecha, magic shops, manga named after places, Viz Spectrum, and others.  It’s all good.

My column for this week’s Say It With Manga over at Comics Should Be Good covers zombies. Admittedly, this topic is played out, but man, there’s still some good stuff out there, and one of these in particular I miss terribly. Check it out, these three are less tacky and about as different as you can be while still dealing with zombies.

Since I love the work of Al Ewing unconditionally, and this is my blog and I can say what I want, I would also recommend Zombo. Not a manga, but quite funny and worth checking out.

Last week’s column over at Comics Should Be Good covered pet series. What I learned was that I need to read What’s Michael badly, and I will do so soon. But Stargazing Dog is the other thing you should take away from this column. Inubaka… not so much.

I forgot to link this one in my last update, but a recent column I did over at Comics Should Be Good focused on disaster-themed manga. I liked these three titles a lot and felt they went with the topic nicely, and I think everyone should read them (or at least the first three volumes of Dragon Head).

Part of me felt bad writing this the day after Chicago was so flooded I couldn’t get to work, but the poor taste thing didn’t occur to me until I was finished, and none of the stories are about flooding. Plus, when else am I going to get to talk about Drifting Classroom?

The Say It With Manga I posted on Thursday over at Comics Should Be Good covers Pulp Doctors. I’ve covered doctors over here before, but it’s such a fun topic, and Black Jack’s face is so iconic, it was hard to say no when I thought about covering it again. Black Jack, the Embalmer, and Anesthesiologist Hana at the late, lamented JManga (they were still okay when I wrote the article!) are the series of choice this week.

On that subject, I’m totally downloading Say Hello to Black Jack on my kindle tonight. You can’t stop me. And… is that Kimagure Orange Road?

Last week’s Say It With Manga over at Comics Should Be Good covered Extreme Cuisine. There are lots of foodie manga out there (surprisingly!), but as I am completely illiterate when it comes to food, I go for the gut-punching entertainment value. Iron Wok Jan, Toriko, and Moyasimon are the three titles of choice for this column.

Someone pointed out in the comments that I should have covered Yakitate! Japan as well, and that person is totally right.

And this week’s Say It With Manga is about World War II. I actually wrote the whole thing up and was getting ready to publish it before I realized I’d already talked about Onward Towards Our Noble Deaths (only the fact I’d already saved the cover to my hard drive tipped me off), so I had to make a last-minute substitution for Adolf. That may be for the best, because Adolf is pretty great, and it just came out. Other featured series include Barefoot Gen and Town of Evening Calm, Country of Cherry Blossoms. I can’t believe Town of Evening Calm, Country of Cherry Blossoms is out of print!