QuinRose’s “Alice in the Country of” series is daunting.  There are four settings, 3 main 6+ volume series, almost 30 volumes of spin-offs, and a novel available.  Where do you start?  What’s the difference between the settings?  Need to know what else is out there for your favorite character?  How many books you still need to read in the Clover setting?  Here’s a handy list, complete with explanations.

I’ve also listed the volumes that haven’t been translated into English, which isn’t many.  As of October ’15, only a few spin-off volumes haven’t been announced.  There are a number of novels, and I’ve listed those as well.  There are also several fan books and visual guides related to the games and series, and Yen Press did release one of those, but I omitted them from this guide since they aren’t narrative.

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The date of the Osamu Tezuka Manga Moveable Feast is fast approaching. I had to bump this article up a week when I realized the one I wanted to post today required more research on my part. So this is early. But the love for the MMF is still there.

In case it wasn’t extremely obvious, I am a huge book nerd. I work at a used bookstore, and I love spending my time researching titles and editions for customers, where to pick them up, and how much they cost. Reading the books are a big part of it, of course, but researching different editions, and which one is the best, is one of my favorite things. This extends to manga, of course, and Tezuka in particular. Tezuka has had around 6 English-language publishers, and a good number of his titles have more than one edition. This is a list of every title, and every edition of each, that has been published in English, along with search-friendly ISBNs and a little information about each. I’ll update this as more come out, but it’s pretty monstrous already.

I plan on adding photos at a later date, to give you an idea of the size and look of the different editions, and for comparison’s sake.

EDIT:  I haven’t updated with photos yet, but I have updated this list a few times since it was first published in 2012.  It is up to date as of June 2015, save for detailed info on non-eManga digital releases.

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